The Indigenous Republic of Kanata (IRK) will be part of a global Indigenous community uniting and supporting the rights of all Indigenous Peoples under UNDRIP, The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This agreement which Canada has signed and recognizes sets forth the framework for future discussions regarding the rights and freedoms of our Peoples within Kanata.

As part of our Indigenous Government, we extend Citizenship to all Canadians with Indigenous ancestry who are unrepresented or under represented by their present Indigenous associations or governments. Citizenship is free, and all of our Peoples within our Republic, will have access to programs and services pertaining to education, health, culture, Genealogy, Legal Services, etc.

Under UNDRIP, Article 03, Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. This guarantees the right to freely determine their political condition and the right to freely pursue their form of economic, social, and cultural development. This right does not allow for discrimination, and recognition of all Indigenous Peoples within Kanata is a primary focus of our Government.

In order to apply for Citizenship, please fill out an application form in the link below, and supply a genealogy identifying your Canadian Indigenous ancestry.

Application Link

$20.00+Tax Processing Fee