Our Government

The Indigenous Republic of Kanata is an organization of sovereign indigenous people whose ancestors were from the region known as Kanata, a name derived from the Huron-Iroquois term for village or community, which became known as Canada. Republic refers to the system of governance of the Indigenous peoples, which is “By the People, for the People”.

Looking back at history, during the first settlement of Europeans, conflicts arose over the occupancy of the lands of the Indigenous Peoples onto which the European settlers intruded. As the colonizing countries of France and England established governance over their communities, they also recognized the sovereignty of some of the communities of Indigenous Peoples, and entered into treaties with them for peaceful co-existence on the lands originally belonging to the Indigenous peoples. In order for there to be a treaty, both parties acknowledged the other as being a sovereign government. This acknowledged sovereignty is the cornerstone of The Indigenous Republic of Kanata to which all Indigenous Peoples belong, and which has continued to exist to the present time.

Recently, this sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples was recognized in the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Although Indigenous Peoples from Canada participated in advocating and drafting of UNDRIP, The Government of Canada was not a signatory to UNDRIP when it was first formulated, proclaimed and launched by the United Nations Assembly, although they recognized it. However, Canada has most recently endorsed and has now become a signatory to UNDRIP, and has also committed the Government of Canada to fulfilling the terms and intent of UNDRIP with all Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

The Indigenous Republic of Kanata has been organized with the general purpose of working with all people of Indigenous heritage living in Canada to achieve their rights and benefits in accordance with the principles stated in UNDRIP. To facilitate and advance these objectives, The Indigenous Republic of Kanata has formed a Not-For-Profit Canadian Corporation under the name of IRK Indigenous Council, and a copy of its Objectives are included under IRK Indigenous Council.