Our Programs

In order to provide the following programs to all citizens, IRK will raise capitol through our government services and business profits, as well as through various corporate sponsorships, private donations, as well as government of Canada partnerships. Listed below, you will see various services offered through our government. Most of the services are free, but like the Government of Canada and other organizations, we have a fee schedule for various services and 100% of all profits made go to fund the programs that are free.

In order to support our programs, please refer to the Home Page and we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Cultural Services

Our Government is committed in promoting the identity and culture of all Indigenous Peoples within Kanata. We recognize all Peoples who identify as First Nation, Metis, Inuit, Acadian, and/or mixed blood.

Our goal is to tell their stories, share their histories, and celebrate all their commonalities, differences, and examine their achievements which helped to establish Kanata to become the Canada we know today.


Genealogical Services

In order to assist our Citizens in documenting their Indigenous ancestry, we have Genealogists who have extensive databases of census, birth, marriage, death, and other statistical records that can provide the proof necessary to acquire government grants, educational funding, etc. Upon completion of the search, you will be provided with primary documents, as well as a certified stamp of genealogical proof of Indigenous ancestry if the necessary evidence can be obtained.


Educational Funding

In order to lessen the economic gap between Non Indigenous and Indigenous Peoples, our Government’s mandate is to raise capitol to award scholarships to students in order to better the future outcomes for our Peoples.

In order to qualify for a scholarship, you must be a citizen of IRK for at least a year and be an active member of our community. You must also be enrolled in a program and maintain academic achievement to re-qualify for additional funding.


Family Support Services

Through our healing circles as well as community support from our Elders, we will assist families cope with many issues plaguing our communities.


Legal Services

Counselling will be provided for many legal issues regarding child services, criminal convictions, corporate law, recognition of rights, as well as other issues affecting our Peoples. Contact us for more information.


Economic Development

Through joint partnerships and our own startups, our mandate is to procure land and develop businesses that provide jobs and profits, in order to fund our programs and develop sovereignty for the Citizens of our Government and Nation.

With strategic planning, we will regain lands that were once expropriated, and procure new lands that will be used by our Nation to practice our culture and way of life.

By re-introducing our first traditional currency in Kanata, the Made Beaver, we will develop our own Monetary System that will power our own economic engine to create more wealth within our Nation and re-establish our traditional ways.

In order to empower our entrepreneurs and build more viable communities, we will provide start up capitol and counselling support to help our Citizens become better providers for their families, while creating employment for others.

Lastly, we wil regain cultural practices that our Forefathers participated in, in order to secure the livelihoods in our communities of origin in order to protect our cultural way of life.



If you require a card for identification purposes, IRK provides Identification Cards signifying Indigenous Status under The Indigenous Republic of Kanata. Our mandate is to eventually create a national registry and a national card for all our Citizens that is recognized by the Government of Canada.

This Identification card will also grant the user special privileges and discounts when used at various vendor locations that are in partnership with IRK. All proceeds from this services will be used to fund all free programs.